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Lipamide® MEAA 75%

Lipamide® MEAA 75% has humectant and lubricant properties for use in shampoos, treatment products and hair conditioners. It reduces tangling, improves the ease of wet and dry combing and leaves the hair soft and manageable. Lipamide® MEAA adds humectancy, lubricity and a moist, non-tacky after feel to skin care creams, lotions and cleansing systems.

Key Benefits

  • Humectant and Lubricant Properties
  • Reduces Tangling in Hair
  • Adds Manageability to Hair
  • Moist Feel to Skin

Lipowax® NI

Lipowax® NI forms fine-textured opaque emulsions. Lipowax® NI can be used as the sole emulsifier or in combination with ionic or other nonionic systems. It has good electrolyte tolerance.

Key Benefits

  • Emulsifing Wax System
  • Stable Emulsions
  • Wide pH Range


Lipopeg® 4-DS

Lipopeg® 4-DS is a nonionic emulsifier for use in neutral to mildly alkaline and acid pH systems. It is recommended for use in hair care products, deodorant and antiperspirant sticks, creams, lotions, and shampoos as a viscosity modifier

Key Benefits

  • Viscosity Modifier

Lipopeg® 4-DL

Lipopeg® 4-DL is a nonionic emulsifier and dispersant.  It is stable at neutral and mildly acidic and alkaline pH levels.  Lipopeg® 4-DL is recommended for skin and hair care creams and lotions, and for anhydrous and emulsified makeups.  It is a spreading and dispersing agent for bath and body oils.

Key Benefits

  • Spreading and Dispersing Agent

Lipopeg® 2-DL

Lipopeg® 2-DL is a nonionic emulsifier for neutral and mildly alkaline and acidic systems.  It is a fluid emulsifier, dispersant and spreading agent. 

Key Benefits

  • Fluid Emulsifier
  • Spreading Agent

Lipocol® L

Lipocol® L is a natural fatty alcohol that acts as a liquid conditioner, spreading agent and coupling agent.  It is compatible with anionic and cationic surfactants and is stable over the pH range normally encountered in cosmetics and toiletries.

Key Benefits

  • Liquid Fatty Alcohol
  • Spreading and Coupling Agent

Lipopeg® 6000 DS

Lipopeg® 6000-DS is an emulsifier for creams and lotions, especially for systems containing high concentrations of electrolytes.  It is also an effective thickener for transparent shampoos and personal washing preparations.

Key Benefits

  • Thickener
  • Viscosity Modifier

Lipopeg® 100-S

Lipopeg® 100-S is an emulsifier for cosmetic, toiletry and topical pharmaceutical emulsion systems.  Optimum results are obtained by balancing with Lipo® GMS or Liposorb® TS to produce stable emulsions even in the presence of high concentrations of electrolytes such as aluminum chloride or alumichlorhydroxide. 

Key Benefits

  • Stable Oil in Water Emulsions

Lipopeg® 39-S Flakes

Lipopeg® 39-S Flakes is an emulsifier for cosmetics, toiletries and topical pharmaceuticals.  When balanced with Lipo® GMS or Liposorb® TS it produces fine-textured emulsions even in the presence of polyvalent electrolytes such as aluminum chlorhydroxide.

Key Benefits

  • Produces Fine-Texture Emulsions

Lipopeg® 10-S

Lipopeg® 10-S is an emulsifier for oil-in-water creams and lotions. It increases viscosity and stability in creams and lotions.  Stable with actives in ointment type preparations.  Lipopeg® 10-S is a useful vehicle for products in stick form that are required to melt at body temperature.

Key Benefits

  • Increases Viscosity and Stability
  • Useful in Stick-Form Products


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