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Plandool® G

Plandool® G is a mixed oligomer ester of hydrogenated dimer acid, hydrogenated dimer diol and fatty alcohols.  It contributes excellent moisturizing ability, improves skin hydration and skin barrier function.

Plandool® G provides a moist, supple and smooth feel to skin & hair. It has excellent gloss, imparts a creamy and rich foam to shampoos and gives a smooth, moist feel and natural styling to hair.

Key Benefits:

Plandool® MAS- Formerly Yofco® MAS

Plandool® MAS is the ester of macadamia nut oil fatty acids and soy phytosterols. Plandool® MAS is a plant derived analogue of cholesterol esters, which are intercellular lipids in the lamellar structure of the stratum corneum and play an important role in the barrier function of the skin. Forms liquid crystals that are similar to the intercellular lamellae structures in the stratum corneum. Plandool® MAS has high water holding capability and is a plant-derived lanolin substitute.

Key Benefits:

Orgasol® 4000 EXD NAT COS Caresse

Orgasol® 4000 EXD Nat Cos Caresse is a soft and sensual powder that is specifically designed for all emulsion based skin care and sun care applications. This innovation for the Orgasol® line brings together aesthetics and performance by reducing oiliness and enhancing sensorial effects, while also providing superior optical benefits.

Key Benefits

Ceramide TIC-001

Ceramide TIC-001, formerly known as Ceramide 2, is a nature identical sphingolipid.  Ceramide TIC-001 plays a key role in the establishment of the stratum corneum barrier function thus preventing transepidermal water loss to enhance skin moisturization.

Key Benefits

  • Skin Barrier Repair
  • Nature Identical
  • Reduces Transepidermal Water Loss

Bioferrin® 5000

Bioferrin® 5000 is a natural, biologically active protein isolated from fresh sweet whey using advanced fractionation technologies that retain the maximum bioactivity. Bioferrin® 5000 is patent pending for elevating hyaluronic acid levels in human tissue to promote significant skin hydration following topical application. Bioferrin® 5000 is especially well suited for use on sensitive skin.

Key Benefits


Rejuverrin™ is a bioactive fraction of natural polypeptides with multi-functional anti-aging benefits for skin regeneration, restructuring and repair.

Research has shown that Rejuverrin™boosts collagen and fibronectin synthesis, inhibits collagenase activity and increases the levels of natural hyaluronic acid. Rejuverrin™ is isolated using advanced fractionation technologies that retain maximum bioactivity andconcentrated levels of signaling factors including
transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β).

Key Benefits:

Lipo Polyglycol® 400

Lipo Polyglycol® 400 is a versatile non-irritating, neutral, water soluble polymer that functions as a humectant, solubilizer, lubricant, fixative, and viscosity regulator.

Key Benefits

  • Humectant

Lipo Polyglycol® 300

Lipo Polyglycol® 300 is a versatile polymer that functions as a solubilizer, humectant, fixative and viscosity modifier.

Key Benefits

  • Humectant

Liponic® EG-7

Liponic® EG-7 is an effective humectant for creams and lotions.  It adds lubricity and a nongreasy luxurious feel to aftershaves and skin toners. Liponic® EG-7 is recommended for use in shaving creams, soaps and cleansing systems as a lubricant, foam modifier and humectant.

Key Benefits

  • Humectancy
  • Non Tacky Feel
  • Foam Modifier


Lipamide® MEAA 100%

Lipamide® MEAA has humectant and lubricant properties for use in shampoos, treatment products and hair conditioners. It reduces tangling, improves the ease of wet and dry combing and leaves the hair soft and manageable. Lipamide® MEAA adds humectancy, lubricity and a moist, non-tacky after feel to skin care creams, lotions and cleansing systems.

Key Benefits

  • Humectant and Lubricant Properties
  • Reduces Tangling in Hair
  • Adds Manageability to Hair
  • Moist Feel to Skin


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