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Sunjin Sun Care

Adding Sunjin to Your Sun Protection Products!


Nano TiO2
• High SPF
• Low viscosity for high SPF sprayable formulations
• Good re-dispersibility for low viscosity formulations
• Compatible with Avobenzone
• SCCS Conformity
• Water dispersible grade available
Non Nano TiO2
• Non Nano
• UVB protection as good as 15nm TiO2
• UVA protection better than 40nm ZnO
• EcoCert Versions
• No Alumina
• Good Photo-stability
ZnO and Dispersions
• Broad spectrum sun protection
• High SPF
• SCCS Conformity
• Dispersions for ease of use and handing
Hybrid AB
• Water dispersible UVA filter
• Ultra-light Texture
• Improved photo-stability
• Minimized Skin Irritancy
TiO2 Dispersions
• High SPF
• Non Nano and Nano versions
• EcoCert versions
• Easy to use
• Easy to handle
Sunsil Tin50
• Boosts SPF
• Reduces gloss
• Ultimate transparency
• Ultra-light texture
• Non Nano & EcoCert
• Thickener Compatibility

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