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Jojoba Sustainability

Naturally Better Solutions™…From Our Farms to Your Formulations
Commitment to Sustainability + Social Responsibility

Vantage Specialty Ingredients is a leading global supplier of Naturally Better Solutions™ for use in personal care and cosmetics. Among these solutions, Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives is a wide range of high quality, naturally-derived, sustainable and innovative products – including:

  • Jojoba oil;
  • Natural jojoba exfoliants -- biodegradable alternatives to polyethylene beads;
  • Many other natural jojoba derivatives.


Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives are made with environmentally friendly oil that is extracted from jojoba seeds, or with jojoba seed material that remains after oil extraction (seed meal). Jojoba oil has a very unique chemical composition -- liquid wax esters similar to those found naturally in skin’s sebum – and therefore is actually not an oil.

Among the many identified plant species in the world, jojoba is the only source of liquid wax esters. These special esters have superior properties compared to all other natural oils, which are composed of triglycerides. As a result, Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives are highly versatile, providing a broader range of benefits and functionality than many other natural ingredients, including:

  • Non-greasy emolliency;
  • Smooth, elegant feel on skin and hair;
  • Excellent lubricity;
  • Exceptional stability, with a long shelf life and no risk of rancidity.

Multitasking ingredients with many anhydrous options available, Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives are ideal solutions for creating innovative + sustainable beauty products with a favorable environmental profile. They allow for more simple or waterless formulas containing fewer ingredients to be designed, if desired. In addition, most ingredients in the Desert Whale line are certified organic by USDA/NOP, Ecocert or COSMOS.

The Desert’s Sustainable GEM

Jojoba is a shrub native to the Sonoran Desert of the US and Mexico, now cultivated in arid lands around the world including the Patagonian Desert in Argentina. It has many special characteristics which make it an inherently sustainable, renewable source of raw materials for beauty products:

  • Long life span, over 100 years in some cases;
  • No annual re-planting required as only the seeds are harvested;
  • Produces seed oil that is non-perishable, highly stable, and versatile;
  • Disease, pest and drought resistant;
  • Grows in arid climates, requiring less water than other plants;
  • Often farmed on marginal land, in low quality soils unsuitable for many other crops;
  • No application in food more favorable to its uses in personal care and cosmetics.

Sustainability + SOCIAL Responsibility Practices

Vantage Specialty Ingredients is a leading global supplier of jojoba products – the world’s largest jojoba grower and ingredient producer -- and the only vertically-integrated company owning every step in the jojoba supply chain, from farming to oil extraction to derivatives production. This is part of our ongoing commitment to providing:

  • High quality jojoba products, made through environmentally friendly methods;
  • Traceability to the trusted source of our products;
  • Long-term security of supply + reliable service.

We make continuous investments in farming + production, improving harvest yields and expanding capacity in order to continue meeting the fast-growing demand for natural, sustainable beauty products. At the same time, Vantage is committed to following green, sustainable and socially responsible practices which help minimize our impact on the environment, as well as empower people. Our efforts are focused on 3 main areas: water + other substances; land, energy and waste; and people.

Water + Other Substances

  • Use of renewable jojoba oil and jojoba seed meal as raw materials;
  • Drip irrigation system to reduce water consumption;
  • No irrigation during certain times of year;
  • Minimal use of pesticides compared to other crops, none used on organic fields;
  • Solvent-free, mechanical extraction of jojoba seed oil;
  • Minimal use of water in production as most ingredients in the Desert Whale line are anhydrous.  

Land, Energy and Waste

  • System of levies to prevent fields from flooding and seeds from washing away;
  • Recycling of seed meal as feedstock for derivative products;
  • Composting of seed meal to reduce waste – coming soon in 2016;
  • Re-use of compost as fertilizer to replenish nutrients in the soil – coming soon in 2016;
  • Selection of the heartiest, best producing young shrubs grown in our greenhouse for re-planting in fields, no GMO methods;
  • Use of unpaved farm roads;
  • Unused farmland set aside for conservation;
  • Fewer processing steps compared to other natural ingredients, lessening energy consumption;
  • Respect for organic standards with USDA/NOP-, Ecocert-, and Cosmos-certified fields and sites;
  • New equipment and process modifications, reducing losses in production and improving energy efficiency;
  • Respect for high quality and efficiency standards with an ISO certified production site;
  • Oil extraction facilities, warehouses and offices located in the same region as farms, reducing emissions from transportation.


  • Company housing and quality working conditions provided for farm staff;
  • Employee family comprised of many women and minorities;
  • Child labor laws strictly followed;
  • Commitment to meet or exceed the Social Accountability 8000 standard (SA8000) for health and safety, child labor, forced labor, freedom of association, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation;  
  • Training and tuition reimbursement for employees;
  • Hiring of people from rural communities;
  • Sponsoring of scholarships, events and internships for local schools.

Natural Alternatives to Polyethylene Beads

A wide collection of natural jojoba exfoliants -- biodegradable alternatives to Polyethylene (PE) beads -- are among the sustainable solutions offered by Vantage. The latest addition to this collection, PFJ™-S Beads, was created in response to the demand for natural exfoliants that provide similar efficacy and skin feel to that of PE beads while being cost-effective.

PE beads have been widely used in personal care products, providing gentle yet effective exfoliation. However, concerns about their damaging impact on the environment are growing. They are able to pass through the filters of a wastewater treatment plant eventually flowing into our rivers, lakes and oceans. PE beads are not biodegradable, remaining in the environment as pollutants; they are consumed by marine animals and then passed along in the food chain.

In response to the pollution problem caused by PE beads, campaigns against their use in personal care have been launched by various environmental groups. In addition, legislation has recently been passed, such as the US’s Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, which will ban the sale of products containing PE beads in the future.

Green to Our Very Roots…From Saving the Whales to Saving Natural Resources

For nearly 40 years Vantage has built expertise in the development, production and supply of environmentally friendly beauty ingredients through green, sustainable practices. It began in the 1970s when the Desert Whale Jojoba Company promoted jojoba oil as an extraordinary replacement for whale oil – playing a key role in the introduction and growth of the jojoba industry, and assisting in the “Save the Whales” environmental movement. Sperm whales had been hunted extensively for many years to the brink of extinction. Their highly valued oil was widely used in beauty products thanks to its unique, multifunctional benefits which, as discovered through extensive research, match those provided by jojoba oil.

Today Vantage’s Desert Whale brand continues to build upon its proud heritage in helping save the whales:

  • Preserving natural resources by offering ingredients with broad innovative uses, made from a renewable jojoba source using eco-friendly methods;
  • Protecting the arid lands and desert ecosystems where Desert Whale Jojoba is grown by following sustainable farming practices;    
  • Helping save our rivers, lakes, oceans and marine life by offering a complete line of natural jojoba exfoliants as replacements for PE beads.

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