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Jojoba Esters-60

Jojoba Esters-60 is a firm paste that forms a substantive film on the skin without a greasy feel.   Jojoba Esters-60 is an excellent emollient for use in protective skin care formulations and hair treatment products.
Key Benefits
  • Oil Free Claim
  • Eco-friendly, natural
  • Elegant skin feel
  • Emolliency, moisturizing, softening and conditioning effects
  • Superior oxidative stability

Jojoba Esters-30

Jojoba Esters-30 is a soft paste that offers a smooth soft application as well as cushion to skin care, hair care and color cosmetic formulations.
Key Benefits
  • Oil Free Claims
  • Eco-friendly, natural
  • Elegant skin feel
  • Emolliency, moisturizing, softening and conditioning effects
  • Superior oxidative stability
  • Widespread consumer recognition of Jojoba as an “earth friendly” label claim
  • Derived from Jojoba grown + processed in-house

Curcylic® 40

Curcylic® 40 is a new, patented, form of salicylic acid that is safe, stable, effective and meets the USP Salicylic Acid Gel monograph.  It is 40% complexed salicylic acid, in its pure form.  Curcylic®40 is water soluble and clear, pre-solubilizationi s not required for water based systems.  Gel form for ease of use and handling.  It can be used in cold process formulations.  

Key Benefits:

Curoxyl® 42

Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most effective treatments for acne. While highly effective, traditional forms of Benzoyl Peroxide can cause skin irritation. Curoxyl® 42 is a patented, aqueous based, micronized benzoyl peroxide dispersion (40%) in the form of a gel. Curoxyl® 42 can be the starting point for topically applied anti-acne creams, anti-acne wipes, facial cleansers and medicated pet shampoo formulations.

Sunjin Pearlescent Powders

The JH Series of pearlescent powders provide a ‘natural glow’ to skin. This instant ‘natural glow’ effect makes skin appear radiant and bright. The JH Series pearlescent powders act as a micromirror on the skin, reflecting light and providing a more natural brightening compared to other powders that can cause shininess.

Sunjin Specialty Powders

The specialty powders available through the Sunjin line offer a variety of benefits to cosmetic and skin care formulations. SUNSIL-TinNaturalWhite provides an instant brightening effect to skin care formulations and a natural whitening effect to color cosmetics. SUNSIL-Tin50 is recommended for premium sun care products to improve the texture and boost the SPF.

Sunjin Fusion Powders

Fusion Powders are spherical PMMA polymer particles that can entrap actives for improved incorporation into formulations. Fusion Powders can slowly release the actives over time and can provide anti-aging and other benefits. Fusion Powders can be used to provide skin care benefits to color cosmetic formulations.

Sunjin Urethane & Urethane Hybrids

SUNPU 170, a urethane powder, and Marsh Mallow Powder, a hybrid urethane powder, have elastic properties that provide a soft luxurious touch to skin care formulations. In color cosmetics, EPU-2X, (a hybrid urethane powder), is as compressible as talc to provide talc free pressed and baked powders with elegant soft feel and application.

Sunjin Silica Powders

Silica is a natural powder with a dry, smooth feel. SUNSIL silica powders offer a variety of benefits when added to formulations including shine control, mattifying effect and the ability to enhance moisturization. When determining which SUNSIL silica is the right choice for formulations, typically the smaller particle size powders are suggested for skin care while the larger particle powders are suggested for makeups. Surface treated SUNSIL powders are also available for improved performance and feel.

Sunjin PMMA Powders

SUNPMMA powders are available in both porous and non-porous grades These economical powders provide a cushioned feel and offer good spreadability in skin care, sun care and foundation make-ups. SUNPMMA porous powders offer selective sebum control, and only absorb oil, not moisture, in skin treatment products.


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