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Vantage Acquires Cocopah's Organic Jojoba Farm

Further Strengthening Our Commitment to both Reliability & Sustainability

Vantage is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of one of the largest jojoba farms located in Arizona. Purchased from Cocopah Nurseries, the farm is comparable in size to Vantage’s nearby existing farm which was acquired in 2012 when Vantage purchased the Desert Whale Jojoba Company. Vantage also has an existing jojoba farm in Argentina, one of the world’s largest, of which it became a majority owner in 2015.

Jojoba Aqua™ Bio-120

Jojoba Aqua™ Bio-120 is a water-soluble emollient wax created using DW Jojoba Oil with renewable and sustainably produced ethylene oxide derived from corn. It is a multifunctional ingredient that will provide emolliency to the skin and hair and act as a mild non ionic surfactant or solubilizer for your formulation. Vantage DW Jojoba Oil is sourced from our own farms grown in the Sonoran Desert of North America and Patagonian Desert of Argentina.

Vantage Acquires Leuna

Vantage Specialty Chemicals has signed a definitive agreement to acquire LEUNA-Tenside GmbH (“LTG”).


New SVP Serge Rogasik

Vantage welcomes Serge Rogasik as the new Senior Executive Vice President for Personal Care

LIponic Bio EG-1



Vantage Jojoba Commitment

Vantage Continues to Secure Global Jojoba Position


Vantage Specialty Ingredients

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