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Sun Care

It is well known that sun exposure plays a role
in the aging of skin. Today, sun protection is no
longer confined to the use of a sun filter
product. Many skin care and color cosmetics offer some type of sun protection.

Vantage provides ingredients that help improve skin feel, relieve symptoms of damaged skin (improving moisturization), provide water-resistancy, or improve solubility of traditional sunscreens.

Silica is a natural powder with a dry, smooth feel. SUNSIL silica powders offer a variety of benefits when added to formulations...
The specialty powders available through the Sunjin line offer a variety of benefits to cosmetic and skin care formulations. SUNSIL-...
Sunsil Tin50 is TiO2 encapsulated in a silica bead to boost SPF, to provide ultimate transparency and ultra light texture in all...
SUNPU 170, a urethane powder, and Marsh Mallow Powder, a hybrid urethane powder, have elastic properties that provide a soft luxurious...
The Sunjin sun care product line offers both Nano and Non Nano ZnO versions. SUNZNO-NAS series is Nano size ZnO which conforms to the...


Vantage Specialty Ingredients

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