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Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and also
one of the most important. It is the body’s main
line of defense to the outside world and as
such is continually exposed to the outside elements of the world. While many take the skin for granted, compared to other organs in the body, it is actually quite complex and sophisticated. Caring for the skin is essential in maintaining overall skin health.

Vantage offers a broad range of products to aide in the caring of skin; from the building blocks of a formulation such as emulsifiers and emollients, to more sophisticated ingredients that help protect, moisturize and restore the skin’s overall appearance and function.

The specialty powders available through the Sunjin line offer a variety of benefits to cosmetic and skin care formulations. SUNSIL-...
Sunsil Tin50 is TiO2 encapsulated in a silica bead to boost SPF, to provide ultimate transparency and ultra light texture in all...
SUNPU 170, a urethane powder, and Marsh Mallow Powder, a hybrid urethane powder, have elastic properties that provide a soft luxurious...
The Sunjin sun care product line offers both Nano and Non Nano ZnO versions. SUNZNO-NAS series is Nano size ZnO which conforms to the...
Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide
Tremoist™ TP is an acidic hetero-polysaccharide extracted from the edible fruit bodies of the mushroom called Silver Ear in China that...


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