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Color Cosmetics

Color Cosmetic products have changed
dramatically over the past two decades.
Many Color Cosmetic products today need
to provide high performance and supreme aesthetics. To accomplish this, many formulators need to marry function with innovation.

At Vantage, we offer a myriad of ingredients to accomplish that goal. We provide materials that play a basic function within a make-up formulation, such as secondary binders, to raw materials that improve skin softness and silkiness, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and provide lasting shine.

Sunsil Tin50 is TiO2 encapsulated in a silica bead to boost SPF, to provide ultimate transparency and ultra light texture in all...
SUNPU 170, a urethane powder, and Marsh Mallow Powder, a hybrid urethane powder, have elastic properties that provide a soft luxurious...
The Sunjin sun care product line offers both Nano and Non Nano ZnO versions. SUNZNO-NAS series is Nano size ZnO which conforms to the...


Vantage Specialty Ingredients

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