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The skin’s primary role is to protect and shield us from every day activities that lead to damage and dysfunction. It does so by maintaining a balance of exfoliation, detoxification, microbiome control and protection. However, these processes that work in tandem, can easily be compromised and overwhelmed by normal aging, cleansing and environmental exposure to sun and pollution. Once this balance is disturbed, skin begins to react and compensate, leading to a disturbance in its fragile ecosystem. Vantage is proud to offer a variety of innovative strategies to help your skin combat the everyday enemies of skin stress and imbalance.

PreBio™ Defense is our new patent pending encapsulated technology that delivers a much needed primer to restore microbial balance and health to overworked skin. Our carefully chosen ingredients foster a much needed restoration of moisture and microbial interaction which calms and soothes the skin.

Lipobead® Detox with Charcoal is the newest addition to the Vantage Encapsulants line! One of the best strategies for absorbing and removing toxins from the skin is the use of charcoal. Lipobead® Detox with Charcoal is a spherical delivery system that allows you to formulate with all the benefits of Activated Charcoal without having to create a dark formulation. It helps absorb and neutralize the contaminants by purifying the skin and keeping it clean and radiant. 

Distinctive® Blueberry is a powerful super fruit which acts to remove free radicals generated by day to day environmental exposure. In addition, our blueberry extract stimulates skin turnover while promoting healthy skin lipid production. These actions collectively result in fresher, younger looking skin.

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